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Sustainably sourced coffees that connect you with the smallholder producers who grow it. 

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Kathia Zamora

Costa Rica

Ashenafi Argaw


Carlos Pola

El Salvador

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Why Regenerative coffee?

Regenerative coffee is grown with holistic land management practices that reverse climate change by rebuilding soil’s organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity – resulting in both carbon draw down and improving the water cycle. 

Promote Biodiversity

Replant Forests

Restore Watersheds

Reverse Climate Change

Connect coffee and people.

Roam Bravely's Mission

We want to make it easier to discover and buy coffees from smallholder producers whose meticulous methods create flavorful experiences. To support this connection each offering includes in-depth information about the producer’s regenerative growing practices and processing methods.

Drink Well. Do Good.

Balancing purpose and profit.

Unbalanced supply chain practices have created an insolvent coffee business for growers. Our foundation is built on sharing the risks and benefits of coffee production; a belief that the interests of profit and people coexist.  

Coffee Creating Social Change

1% of profits go to community-led development.

A portion of your purchase is reinvested in the communities that grow your coffee. It’s just one way your morning ritual can be transformative and create a more equitable value-chain.

About Us

Founded by wife and husband coffee professionals, we believe a focus on consumer education will increase demand for quality, traceable coffees that contribute to a regenerative system for future generations of coffee growers. 

We have 2 and they’ve traveled to origin!

By van. San Diego > Juayua, El Salvador

Kev was Nic’s barista. Heart lattes go a long way.

This is a husky

DIY origin trip

We met in a coffee shop

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