Brew Guide: Aeropress

Brew Guide: Aeropress

   *Fast, Easy Clean-Up, Espresso-like*     

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      What you need:

      Coffee (Fine Grind), Filtered Water, Aeropress and Filter


      Have a scale to weigh your coffee grounds. Use a burr grinder and grind fresh!!

      Recommended Dose: 

      17-22g of finely ground coffee for full aeropress. Yield: 10oz (280mL)

  1. Heat filtered water to (201℉-205℉). Let cool briefly if it reaches boiling.
  2. Put your filter into the aeropress cap and screw onto the aeropress. Place the aeropress onto your cup with the #1 side down. Leave the plunger separate. 
  3. Pour hot water into the vessel, rinsing the filter and preheating your cup. Let drain, and empty cup. 
  4. Now pour your finely ground coffee into the aeropress, following with a small amount of water to below the #2 and stir with the aeropress paddle to evenly saturate all the grounds. Let the coffee bloom for about 30 seconds. 
  5. Now fill the remainder of the aeropress with water, and stir once. Place the plunger gently into the top of the aeropress to retain heat and wait for 30-45 seconds. 
  6. Now slowly plunge downward with even pressure. The plunge should take close to 30 seconds to complete.
  7. Enjoy your coffee! (Tip: Many people prefer a more concentrated version to mimic espresso)