Brew Guide: French Press

Brew Guide: French Press

*Simple, Heavy Body, Oily*



What you need – Coffee (Coarse Grind), Filtered Water, French Press




Recommended – Grind your own beans, fresh! Burr Grinders are ideal for uniformity.




Coffee:Water Ratio – 1:15 (24g / 350mL (12oz))

  1. Heat filtered water to (201℉-205℉). Let cool briefly if it reaches boiling. 
  2. Place coarsely ground coffee into french press. 
  3. Pour desired volume of water. Give it a stir to ensure even saturation of the grounds. 
  4. Put the lid on to keep hot, but don’t plunge yet! Let the coffee extract for 5 minutes. Now plunge the handle slowly and enjoy!
  5. If the press is very difficult to push down, you may have too much coffee. Likewise if you receive no resistance when plunging, you may need to add more coffee.