Brew-Guide: Hario V60

Brew-Guide: Hario V60

*Clean, Focused, Balanced Cup*

What you need:

Coffee (Medium/Fine Grind), Filtered Water, V60 Brewer and Paper Filter, Gooseneck Kettle


Have a scale to weigh your coffee grounds. Use a burr grinder and grind fresh!!

Coffee Dose:

25g for 12oz yield (350 ml)

  1. Heat filtered water to (201℉-205℉). Let cool briefly if it reaches boiling. 
  2. Put your paper filter into cone. Rinse with hot water to rid paper-taste and pre-heat cup. 
  3. Dump water out. Place freshly ground coffee into wetted filter and make it level. 
  4. First pour just enough water to wet the grounds evenly, allowing the coffee “bloom” for 30-45 seconds.The grounds will expand and settle, releasing CO2. 
  5. Now begin pouring in clockwise motion starting near the center. Avoid pouring directly onto filter. Pour as slow as you can while maintaining a consistent pour until you reach your desired volume (350mL).
  6. The brew time should be about 3:00-3:30. If the coffee brews much slower, you should coarsen your grind for faster flow rate. If it brews too fast, adjust your grind finer to slow the process down.