Brew Guide: Moka-Pot

Brew Guide: Moka-Pot

*Rich, unfiltered, espresso-like*

What you need:

Coffee, Filtered Water, Stove-top


Scale to weigh coffee, Burr grinder

Coffee Dose:

We use 22 grams ground finely for 10oz yield

  1. Pre-boil your water in a separate vessel. This will help avoid overheating the moka-pot and coffee within it.
  2. Grind your coffee finely. 
  3. After pouring your pre-heated water to just under small valve on the interior wall, place the basket in the vessel and gently distribute your grounds into the basket (without pressing down on the coffee)
  4. Screw the upper portion of the brewer onto the lower one. Use a towel or mit to avoid burning your hands. 
  5. Turn your stovetop to medium-high and place the brewer onto the stove-top with the lid in the open position. 
  6. Once the coffee begins to percolate to the upper vessel, wait until the liquid changes to a golden color. 
  7. Take the moka-pot off the stove to avoid overheating/over-extracting. (Some place the moka-pot onto a cold damp towel to slow the brewing process down)
  8. Pour the rich espresso-like brew into your favorite cup and enjoy straight or diluted.