Brew Your Own Coffee Studio

brew your own coffee studio

brew better

Brewing coffee doesn’t have to be intimidating. There’s a lot you can do to make your coffee taste amazing at home.

Our goal with the Brew Your Own Classes is to help you advance your coffee skills and knowledge in an approachable way

Our brewing professionals will teach you the art of brewing, offer you insight into how to achieve the best brew in your kitchen, and introduce you to the must-have equipment for upping your home brew game!

Hands-on Experiential Learning

Learn what it takes to make a great single cup of coffee at home.

Make great campsite coffee with the best tools and brew methods. 

Examine the concept of immersion brewing and how it differs from drip coffee. 

Pour-Over Basics

From water quality and temperature to ratios and pour techniques, we’ll go over all of the important elements and lessons that make your home cup shine like any of your favorite cafes.

Camp Coffee

Assuming that electricity is not an option, we’ll give you all our tried and true tips for making coffee for 1 or for the whole pack.

Immersion Brewing

We’ll focus on French Press and/or Aeropress, demonstrating a few fun and easy techniques, as well as supplying some great coffee equipment for you to play with.

self care // Night out // fun Time

Max. 2 people per class