Producer Relationships

Each month we feature a special coffee, focusing on the producer of that coffee. Celebrating producer efforts and innovations, our goal is to deepen the connection between you and the people who grow your coffee. Here are some of our strongest producer partnerships to give you an idea of who we work with and what to expect with your specialty subscription.

So we love El Salvador. At the beginning of this year we were visiting and making buying selections (and surfing and catching up with friends) and we caught wind of a group specifically working with smallholder producers. That group is known as Los Naranjos Cafe. Started by friends and longtime coffee professionals David, Sigfredo, and Manuel, they acquired some new land and launched a school for farm managers, called RENACER. “This school seeks to implement sustainable practices to preserve the soils and innovate processing methods in order to help small producer improve their quality and export their coffees.” Los Naranjos has a brand new mill that processes all the coffees and two farms that showcase their sustainable agricultural techniques. Finca Los Angeles, the farm that provided this Washed Pacamara, has become a wonderful example of what RENACER can help producers achieve. After completely renovating and replanting in 2017, Finca Los Angeles achieved a 5th place finish at the 2020 El Salvador Cup of Excellence (that’s pretty huge). The farm was a beautiful model of healthy agriculture and the coffee tastes equally excellent. 

Pepe Jijon
finca soledad
Imbabura, Ecuador

We like to think of our coffee producers as super heroes. But when we say that Pepe Jijon has climbed to the peak of Mt. Everest, we are not exaggerating. Pepe is not only a dedicated coffee farmer, but an extremely well-traveled guide and mountaineer. He’s also enjoyed a career as a DJ, now you can find him playing sets for his coffee trees at the farm house. Maybe that’s part of the secret. The love and care that Pepe and his family put into their coffees is completely inspiring. Post harvest work is done by hand by the Jijon family. There is a contagious vibe of passion in the air at Finca Soledad. “Con Alma y Instinto” is a sort of tagline for the farm which is quite fitting. “Soul” and “Instinct” guide the operation. We can’t wait for subsequent visits and a long term relationship with the Jijon family. This nano-lot (44 lbs) is extremely clean and well-sorted. The aromas coming out of the roaster were like fresh waffle cone, sweet leather, and spices. The profile in the cup is quite welcoming and sweet with a great balance between spices and soft round red fruit. We already can’t wait for next year!