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Tell us about your set-up

Tell us what you’re working with and we use our years of professional coffee experience and experimentation to guide you to a better cup of coffee. Sure, we’ll recommend some tools, but the Home Brew Review is not entirely about spending money and buying new toys. We’ll help you use what you have and make the most of spectacular coffees that deserve some extra attention. We offer this unique service with our subscriptions free of charge. (3-months or more)

Any set-up is ok!

We know that everyone has a unique coffee ritual in the morning. You may weigh your coffee meticulously and time your brews. Or maybe you press the ‘on’ button on your Mr. Coffee. You may have expensive toys and a range of brewing tools. Or maybe you have a french press and a spice grinder. Any scenario is ok! We will review how you brew and help you make improvements, whether at home or in the office.

Make better cups!

Our goal is to enhance your experience with our special coffees. Brewing is the last step after a tremendous amount of passion and effort from farm to cup. With some fine-tuning you will be brewing the best coffees that you’ve ever tasted.