Kathia Zamora Caturra/Catuai Washed


Producer: Kathia Zamora

Farm: Finca Cloza | Costa Rica

Variety: Caturra/Catuai  | Washed Process

Our Notes: Clean and very sweet with a soft coating body. Caramel, Cereal, Apple.

We roast fresh weekly. Your shipment will go out ASAP!

As a 4th-generation farmer and young mother of two boys, Kathia strives to honor her legacy. She prioritizes innovation and constant improvement as well as sustainable practices on her farm and micro-mill. A strong leader, she supports her community and women in coffee specifically through her role with the International Women's Coffee Alliance.

Kathia Zamora is part of Farmer's Project. The group has the tagline "farmers helping farmers" and strives for absolute transparency and carbon neutrality. Farmer's Project is responsible for farming, processing, exporting and importing creating an all-encompassing supply chain that we can fully endorse! The group is highly focused on coffees produced by women and we are ecstatic to support all that they stand for. This is our second season buying Kathia's Washed Catuai/Caturra and we hope there are many more to come. It is truly outstanding.