Tutunik Atutun - Special Limited Co-Release in El Salvador and the U.S.


This limited release coffee collaboration is being roasted and sold both in the U.S. and in El Salvador simultaneously. It celebrates and helps preserve indigenous communities in El Salvador.

The Tutunik Atutun ('hot coffee' in Náhuat) project supports funding and makes visible the women of the Nahnantzin of the Cuna Nahuat. (Cradles of Learning). These teachers protect ancestral practices in El Salvador and preserve indigenous culture by maintaining the Nahuat language and sharing plant-based medicine. Their work celebrates and defends identity and traditions for future generations.

PRODUCER Carlos Pola
Las Brisas
 Anaerobic Natural.
VARIETY Heirloom Hybrid 2
REGION Apaneca-Ilamatepec.
OUR NOTES Cola, Blackberry, Green Apple