What is Regenerative Coffee?

Regenerative coffee replants forests, restores watersheds, promotes biodiversity, and fosters thriving communities.

Regenerative coffee is grown according to holistic land management practices that rebuild soil organic matter and restore degraded soil biodiversity; regenerative coffee results in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle.ย 

These practices increase crop yields generating higher living incomes for farm workers and producers. By restoring coffee lands located at the highest elevations, everyone benefits. Every town, near and far, can revel in the impact of restoration through reduced flooding, clean water sources, and prospering land. What affects one affects all.ย 

With increased incomes and healthier environments, communities have broader access to greater health services, basic resources, and education. Regenerative coffee prioritizes socioeconomic equity by supporting the inclusion of women, indigenous, and underrepresented people as they build diversity into the coffee supply chain and positively affect their local and global communities.

SCA Professional Sustainability Certification

Nicole developed the above definition during her Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Professional Sustainability Certification. After completing the foundation and intermediate levels of this course, she spent 6 months meticulously crafting her final project. Initially inspired by Carlos Polaโ€™s regenerative agricultural practices she incorporated the socioeconomic needs of specialty coffee as well. Her hope is this can be a catalyst in contributing to a more equitable supply chain and environmental restoration within our industry.