We are Nicole and Kevin, wife and husband coffee professionals.

We believe that a focus on consumer education will increase the demand for not only quality coffees but also coffees grown regeneratively that supply growers with a living wage.

We seek to create a connection between coffee producers and coffee drinkers with every bag. By focusing on coffee producers with innovative and sustainable growing practices, we hope to take conversations beyond quality, also looking at producer livelihood, healthy supply chains, and environmental impact. 

Nicole is a SCA Certified Sustainability Professional who focuses mostly on sourcing coffee and developing healthy relationships with coffee producers around the world. She loves to be at origin connecting with new people and dreaming big. She tends to follow her heart and carve new paths refusing to let normalcy stand in her way.

Kevin is a licensed Q-Grader who focuses on roasting and tasting in order to bring exceptional coffee experiences to home brewers everywhere. After many years pulling shots, managing coffee bars, and advancing his palate, Kevin has found a renewed vigor meeting passionate coffee producers and roasting their coffees with precision and care.

We love coffee! New flavor profiles, varieties, processing methods and innovation propel us daily, but more importantly we are driven by pushing the boundaries and improving lives along the way. We appreciate your support! 



Nicole and Kevin


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